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Triple Strand Cool Multi-Layered Marijuana Hemp Leaf Wristband Bracelets for Men

$ 14.99
This Multi-strand Leather Bracelets are perfect for daily and casual. with a t-shirt or jeans. easy to go with any outfit.
 Alloy+ Genuine Leather, Sturdy and Durable
Perfect gift for father's day, birthday gift,business,anniversary gift for boyfriend,father,friend
We believe that just one accessory can change people's mood and feeling. Everyone deserves a nice piece of jewelry and treat themselves.
Be prepared to stare at your wrist all day and just want to picture yourself walking in a tropical forest. This dainty bracelet features banana and Hawaiian leaves, for all your tropical desires. Created with a 1" extender chain for adjusting to your wrist. Basically our plating is killing it at 10 times the thickness! and with it all being done in house under the supervision of a trusty pup we can guarantee our quality to leave you smiling for years to come! It has been lab tested for quality, thickness, and longevity. 

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