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Qi Wireless Car Charger for iPhone Samsung S8 S9 Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount Mobile Holder Stand Sensor Clamping

$ 55.90
Charging cars without wires works in a similar way to the wireless phone charger you might already own, just on a bigger scale. ... Using a technology called inductive charging, electricity is transferred through an air gap from one magnetic coil in the charger to a second magnetic coil fitted to the car.Connect the micro USB charge/sync cable to the micro USB port on your charging pad. 2 Plug the USB connector into the power adapter. 3 Connect the power adapter to the power outlet. 4 Place your Qi-enabled device on the charging pad with the screen facing up.Following devices are QI compatible 
Samsung Galaxy S6.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.
Samsung Galaxy S7.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
Samsung Galaxy S8.

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