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Imitation Pearl Pearl Bracelet Bangle Cuff Bracelets Adjustable Bracelet Bangles for Women

$ 14.99
Originally designed imitation pearl bracelet for our brand only. Will not sell through any other brands. They are great gift for showing love and friendship.  Adjustable bracelets with beautiful shine, good for going party, banquet or daily wearing.
Brilliant and elegant, this freshwater pearl bracelet will add a touch of classic sophistication to your look. The strand of luminous pearls comes in black, white, pink, or grey pearls.
There are many varieties of simulated pearls available today. Well-made versions can look very natural to the naked eye, but there are tests that can be performed to determine the difference between natural and simulated pearls.
Although the tooth test may seem strange, many believe it to be the most accurate. Simply run a pearl over your teeth very lightly. While natural pearls should have a gritty feel, simulated pearls should feel smooth. One thing to remember is that cultured pearls tend to feel nearly as smooth as simulated, so it may be important to perform another test.
When looked at closely, the surface of natural pearls in comparison to simulated pearls is very apparent. Real pearls should reveal carved rings, grooves and other surface imperfections while simulated pearls are perfectly smooth

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