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Grey Blue Glitter Eye shadow Powder Waterproof,Beauty Makeup Cosmetic Eye Shadow

$ 13.99
Makeup That Does More. Part of the New Neutral Collection, fall in love with the Luxe Shadow Palette. Packed with a warm array of pinks, golds and burgundies, this 18 panned shadow palette is made up of matte, reflective, pearl and glitter pigments to create looks that will leave your heart racing. Plus, the palette features a cream base to help prolong the wear of glitter. 
Grey Blue Eye shadow Glitter: Why should you choose Eye  shadow? Let us analysis it for you.(Below is the reasons but not the limited)
Diamond Shine Powder: Glitter Eye shadow is made of Diamond Shine Powder which is Bright and Glazed, with it, you will look more Gorgeous instantly and can easily and draw the whole attentions. 2.Silky Smooth: We do the research for the Glitter Eye shadow from other sellers, found they got so many complains that the eye shadow is Rough, not smooth. Therefore, we overcome their shortcomings,Glitter Eye shadow is smooth and Silky, this will make it easy to wear!

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