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Game boy Case for iPhone, Retro Protective Cover Self-Powered Case ,Full Color Display,Video Game Case for iPhone

$ 22.00

The first cell phone case can play game. Built-in  classic games. Real colorful  screen. Excellent hand feel. Anti-  explosion and anti-drop design. Can  effectively prevent dust, scratches and damage. Let you back to the last century and your childhood.  Enjoy games at your spare time. Have fun just like a child whether in the plane, travelling, waiting for a taxi, family day or friends gathering, very relaxed, not boring anymore.

Built-in  500 retro FC games in one console, including Super Fight, Fire Bolt, Elf Legend, etc. Let you play games without repetition every day and bring back your memory of childhood having fun play games.

A game pad, USB cable and AV output cable included, it allows two players to share the game at the same time, or connect the 3.0-inch screen game console to the TV so that you can enjoy the fascinating and lively video game in bigger screen.

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