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Fashion Marble Funky Marble Abstract Background Designer Printed Hard Back Case and Cover for mobile phone

$ 22.00

 Unique product Made with cutting edge sublimation printing technology, this polymer phone case by Pikkme is capable of withstanding a lot of intensive use without suffering as much as a scratch. The only phone case for mobile model Samsung Galaxy M30s is intended specifically for and fits the dimensions of this phone while leaving almost no space in between. Very colorful design is making the cover visually impressive even from afar. Serious protection Despite a very thin profile and negligible weight, the case is much stronger than it looks at first sight and won’t bend or break even if you drop the phone to the ground. Technical perfection Technical quality of Samsung Galaxy M30s case is off the charts, while worldwide delivery is lighting fast. Printing comes with a one-year warranty.Easy to install-just snap on to your device,Slim-fit and never make your device looks bulky. 

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