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Bluetooth Smart Watch - Sport Pedometer, very comfortable when wearing.

$ 35.50

     Automatically track your all-day steps, calories,24/7 heart rate, sleep stages, Use 14 exercise modes like Run or bicycle to record workouts, and connect to smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace & distance. This special sport modes give you even more detailed insights into your most frequent activities, Along with Wzpiss’s hallmark design and high-quality materials, Wzpiss's smart watch takes your life to the next level. Wzpiss's multifunction of smart watch with advanced design for simple operation to meet your needs. Just connect the smart watch with your phone via Bluetooth, then download and install the APP (BTNotification or FunRun), so you can read Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and other application push messages, make or receive phone call directly from the smart watch, view and reply text messages etc.. SIM card model: If you install a GSM Network SIM Card into the smart watch, you can make or receive phone call directly from the smart watch, send/reply text message




  •  If you live an active lifestyle and want to refine your training or you are a newbie and want to get active, or if you want an accurate waterproof tracker
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  • Compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones to get call, text, calendar, and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby. The watch is slim with a lightweight, anodized aluminum watch body and soft breathable band, very comfortable when wearing.

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