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ANTI FLAT HEAD BABY PILLOW the growth of the natural round head shape

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  • Our Memory Foam Baby Cat Pillow is specially designed in a curved format to reduce the pressure from your newborns’ neck and head gently. The curved design keeps the head gently elevated while reducing the incidence of flat head syndrome in infants up to 6 months of age. For older babies, this pillow is ideal to provide a gentle yet optimal neck and spine . Temperature-sensitive Memory Foam core improves sleep quality by securing your baby’s head and neck gently in all sleep positions. The responsive, high-density Memory Foam Pillow includes a concave circular opening in the centre that is meant to cradle the back of the head while optimally positioning your little one’s delicate spine. Our ergonomically designed pillow aids in the proper development of your baby by preventing Plagiocephaly or the Flat Head Syndrome. The pillow is helpful in not only improving your baby’s sleep quality but maintaining the natural round shape of the baby’s head while relieving the pressure from her spine.


  •  Flathead syndrome is a real pain and occurs very commonly when babies sleep on their backs leading to a dent in their skull. This miraculous Anti Flat Head Pillow will prevent this from happening.
  • Highly recommended by pediatricians and clinics all over the world, It is the perfect pillow designed to ergonomically fit your baby’s head shape and reinforce the growth of the natural round head shape
  • Made of memory foam, it will always return to the starting position. Your baby will love it! Make your baby remember the first pillow ever! At least, you will, and you will be grateful.

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