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10000mAh Power Bank Wireless, Standard power bank to charge your phone wirelessly

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Say goodbye to tangled wires and broken charging cables. The wireless charging stand eliminates the need to fumble with charging cables each time you want to charge your device. The qi charger stand is always ready, providing wireless power whenever you set your device on it. No more plugin and out troubles! 10000mAh Power Bank Wireless, we strive to push the boundaries of design and technology. Our products are crafted and articulated with a mindset on maintaining the highest quality standards for the ultimate mobile experience. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so please feel confident to stick with us! The most important thing is the size of this thing. I waited a month to review this. This battery fits in the palm in your hand it’s about as heavy as my iPhone. I carry a small cross-body and this fits perfectly without being in the way. I’m currently on vacation and I have just had my phone plugged into this thing the entire time without any battery issues. I also really love the on and off button with a number indicator of the battery life remaining.



  • The 10000mAh Power Bank Wireless is a portable and sleek battery pack that charges smartphones wirelessly and delivers power to multiple devices. Designed to be an all-in-one charging solution for your mobile devices.
  • Simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone directly on the wireless power bank to charge your phone wirelessly with ease at home or on the go - pass-through charging allows power bank and phone to charge simultaneously. 
  •  Works great in all rooms including desk and tabletops, nightstands, or anywhere throughout the house or office as well as while traveling or just on-the-go. Check battery levels accurately on the go with a discreet LED screen 


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